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  • Collage D Facial Soap: 150ml
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Collage D Facial Soap: 150ml

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For whole-body moisturising of an active, sometimes squirming baby, a bath essence is recommended. Just place your baby to soak in the bathwater and the moisturising ingredients go to work, even in those places that are difficult to spread creams on. An easy way to take care of moisturising needs. Mothers who have just given birth, as their skin tends towards dryness at this time, can moisturise together with their babies.The time at which your baby outgrows a baby bath coincides with the decrease in the sebum of your baby's skin. The Collage D soap leaves your skin hydrated without removing too much of oil in the skin. It rinses off easily, leaving no soap residue in parts of the body such as the neck and wrists. There are four types to choose from, according to your baby's age and the part of the body on which it is to be used.





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