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  • DHC Forskolin Supplement : 80 tablets DHC
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DHC Forskolin Supplement : 80 tablets DHC

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Forskolin is a extracted using a patented method from the Indian Coleus plant of the Lamiaceae family. Together with the extract this supplement also has added vitamins B1, B2 and B6. It is recomended to split the dosage over the course of the day, for instance morning and evening.




Active Ingredients

Each daily dosage (2-4 tablets, 810-1620mg) contains: Indian Coleus extract powder (forskolin 10%) 500-1000mg Vitamin B1 0.8-1.6mg Vitamin B2 1-2mg Vitamin B6 1.2-2.4mg Stabilizers (starch, crystalline cellulose, glycerin ester, silica)

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