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  • Tesmin S For Animals : 20tablets
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Tesmin S For Animals : 20tablets

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Manufacturer Sato Pharmaceutical
Brand Sato Pharmaceutical
JAN Code 4987316016276
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● The function of the intestine is restored by blending the intestinal mucosa protectant bismuth subnitrate.
● Bacterial diarrhea is also effective by sterilizing the intestines with berberine tannate.
● Effective for diarrhea in nervous pets.


20 tablets


Active Ingredients

Berberin tannate 30 mg,
aluminum hydroxynaphthoate 10 mg,
bismuth hyponitrate 150 mg

Primary Material


Improvement of symptoms in diarrhea.


Orally administer 1 to 3 times daily.
[One dose]
4 tab : large dogs (20 kg or more),
2 tab : medium-sized dogs (5 kg or more and less than 20 kg),
1 tab : small dog (5 kg or less),
1/2 tab : cat (3 kg or more), cat (1 kg or more and less than 3 kg)
1/4 tab, cat (less than 1 kg)