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  • Collage Furu Furu Liquid Soap Refill: 200ml
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Collage Furu Furu Liquid Soap Refill: 200ml

Sale Price:US$16.00

Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer NIPPON ZETTOC Co.,Ltd
JAN Code 4987767625935
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A medicinal soap with a double anti-bacterial action. Contains the anti-fungal agent miconazole nitrate and the anti-bacterial agent triclosan. Keeps the skin clean and deodorised. Can be used on sensitive skin. Gentle to the skin, thoroughly cleansing, and killing bacteria.● Hypoallergenic, fragrance-freeRecommended in the following situations:● For cleansing, and killing bacteria in all parts of the body including the hands, feet and underarms.● For killing bacteria in sweat and cleansing after the gym or the pool● For washing the hands after touching a pet● For preventing body odour or sweat odour● For use on sensitive skin● For feet that are musty-smelling from boot-wearing, for feet that are musty-smelling due to wearing shoes for long periods




Active Ingredients

Primary Material

Miconazole nitrate*, piroctone olamine*, trimethylglycine, propylene glycol, chloride trimethylammoniopropyl hydroxypropyl guar gum, chloride dimethyl diallyl ammonium, acrylamide copolymer, alkyl carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl betaine, lauryl dimethyl betaine, sodium cocoate solution, coconut fatty acid diethanolamide, glycol distearate, anhydrous citric acid, HEDTA, 3Na, water


Cleanses, sterilises, disinfects the skin. Prevents body odour, sweat odour and acne.