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  • Inochi no Haha A : 420 tablets
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Inochi no Haha A : 420 tablets

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Brand Kobayashi Pharmaceutical
JAN Code 4987072067727
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-It is the drug combination, which is 13 sorts of crude drugs, herbal medicines, blended vitamins, calcium, taurine, lecithin, etc, for delicate body of women.
- To ease some physical and emotional symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance during menopause,




Active Ingredients

In 12 tablets:Taioumatsu175mg、Kanokosoumatsu207mg、Keihimatsu170mg、Senkyumatsu100mg、soujyutumatsu100mg、Syakuyakumatsu300mg、Bukuryoumatsu175mg、toukimatsu300mg、Koubushimatsu50mg、Gosyuyu40mg、Hange75mg、Ninjin40mg、Kouka50mg、Thiamin hydrochloride(VitaminB1)5mg、Riboflavin(VitaminンB2)1mg、Pyridoxine hydrochloride(VitaminB6)0.5mg、Cyanocobalamin(VitaminB12)1μg、Calcium pantothenate5mg、Folic acid0.5mg、Aminoethylsulfonic acid(Taurine)90mg、Succinic acid dl-α- tocopherol(VitaminE)5mg、Pearlcalc10mg、Biotin1μg、Soyalecithin10mg

Primary Material


I have a superior effect, effect for after giving birth in the menopausal disorders that are a woman's illness, menopausal neurosis, menstrual pain, a menstrual irregularity, menstruation abnormality, a blood vessel symptom, length between the waist and the ankle, hot flash, poor circulation, dizziness, inferior belly low back pain, a heartbeat, stiff shoulder, a headache, sluggishness, blood pressure abnormality, anemia, constipation, a pimple, skin roughness, ringing in the ears, hysteria, before childbirth.


Please take 4 doses with water or hot water after a meal the 3 whole times per day once.


●Please keep the deodorant in the state where it attached as it is, without taking out from a cap.
●Please do not touch by the hand wet in this agent.