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Tsumura Choijokito[74] : 42bags(for two weeks)

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Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer TSUMURA & CO.
JAN Code 4987138807496
GS1 ---
Ingredient Code 5200100
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Choijokito is indicated for the relief of the following symp-toms:Constipation





Active Ingredients

7.5 g(3bags for 1day) of TSUMURA Choijokito extract granules con-tains 1.25 g of a dried extract of the following mixed crude drugs.JP Rhubarb 2.0gJP Glycyrrhiza 1.0gAnhydrous Mirabilitum 0.5g(JP: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia)




The usual adult dose is 7.5 g/day orally in 2 or 3 divided doses before or between meals. The dosage may be adjusted according to the patient's age and body weight, and symptoms.


(1) When TJ-74 is used, the patient’s “SHO” (constitution/symptoms) should be taken into account. The patient’s progress should be carefully monitored, and if no improvement in symptoms/findings is observed, continuous treatment should be avoided.
(2) Since TJ-74 contains Glycyrrhiza, careful attention should be paid to the serum potassium level, blood pressure, etc., and if any abnormality is observed, administration should be discontinued.
(3) When TJ-74 is coadministered with other Kampo-preparations (Japanese traditional herbal medicines), etc., attention should be paid to the duplication of the contained crude drugs. Special caution should be exercised when TJ-74 is coadministered with preparations containing Rhubarb. (4) Since there is an individual difference in the cathartic action of Rhubarb, caution should be exercised concerning the dosage and administration.

SHO: The term “SHO” refers to a particular pathological status of a patient evaluated by the Kampo diagnosis, and is patterned according to the patient’s constitution, symptoms, etc. Kampo-preparations (Japanese traditional herbal medicines) should be used after confirmation that it is suitable for the identified “SHO” of the patient.