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Chocola A Powder 10,000 IU/g : 100g

Sale Price:US$47.00

Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer Sannova
Brand Eisai Co., Ltd.
JAN Code 4987028210702
GS1 14987028210709
Ingredient Code 3111002
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Vitamin A deficiency causes difficulty seeing in the dark, and desiccation and cornification of skin and mucosa. Vitamin A forms photopigment (rhodopsin), which is needed to see things in the dark, by binding to opsin (erythropigment in the retina). It improves night blindness by supplying vitamin A. It also stimulates mucus secretion of mucosa to improve dry eye.It is usually used in the treatment of night blindness, conjunctival xerosis, corneal xerosis, and keratomalacia attributed to vitamin A deficiency, and hyperkeratotic dermatitis suspected to be due to vitamin A deficiency, and for supplementation of vitamin A when being insufficient intake of vitamin A through food ingestion.



Active Ingredients

1g:Vitamin A 20mg