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Honzo Shakuyakukanzo-to extract granule[H68] : 42 sachets(for two weeks)

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Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer Honzo
Brand Honzo
JAN Code 4987334340681
GS1 14987334340688
Ingredient Code 5200067
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Therapeutic Recommendation (“Sho”):Muscle pain accompanied by sudden muscle spasm.Abdominal diagnose (“Hara”):Medium abdominal tension with obvious hyper tonicity of rectus abdominis muscles bilaterally.TCM Formulation Strategy:Shao yao nourishes blood and preserves the yin while it softens the liver and alleviates pain. Zhi gan cao tonifies the qi of the middle burner, especially that of the stomach and spleen. The two herbs work together to regulate the relationship between the liver and spleen and nourish the sinews. So this formula can treat a wide variety of pain syndromes.


42 sachets


Active Ingredients

7.5g(3sachets for 1day): Peony Root6.0g, Glycyrrhiza6.0g, Crude 2.4g dry extract made ​​from the water extract (water extract Syakuyakukanzouto)



For adults: 7.5g/day orally divided into 3 doses before or between meals. The dosage may be adjusted based on age, body weight and symptoms.