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2022/06/27 - This website is Not Available for Residents in Japan and also US Bases in Japan

This web-site is a Private Import for Drugs from Japan and intended for the residents outside Japan.

Therefore, we do not send anywhere in Japan, included US Military Bases in Japan*.
If you require to receive in Japan, you can head to the Japanese Website as below.

*US Bases
Not only US Bases in Japan but also handling of mail to US bases in foreign countries, in the United States or other countries and regions, with the address of the recipient "APO + 5 digit or 9 digit number" or "FPO + 5 digit or 9 digit number are treated as "address incomplete" and returned as undeliverable mail.
Therefore, we unlikely ship to any of US Bases.

Apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and
very much appreciated for your understanding.

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