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2020/02/05 - Postal Service / Custom Clearance in your country

Thank you for using our service.

This is to inform you about Postal service in some countries happen as below.

There are some cases in certain countries that arrived at the country properly in few days from Japan,
but not appeared anything in tracking screen for more than two weeks or more, till several months.
These could be confirmed certainly after one month or more.

Considering of International Shipment which involves a mix of factors,
we highly recommend you to place an order in plenty of time and to be very aware of the Postal Service and/or Custom Clearance.

Here once again, we would like to remind you the principal of Private Import.

Private importing
Personal Import over the Internet is the act of purchasing a product sold overseas with the intention of using it personally. Please be aware that you are responsible for the products you import. It is the customer's responsibility to import. In case of failing to make it through customs, please deal with it by yourselves. Transfer or sale of the imported goods to another individual or party is not allowed.
Customers making purchases may in some cases be required to pay duty, customs, fees, consumption taxes or other charges when the purchase price on the import application exceeds the exemption amount. Rules covering customs and duty vary by country. For details, please contact the local customs service in your country.

Thank you for your understanding.

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