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2019/03/13 - Notice for the Customers in BRAZIL

Thank you very much for using our service.

We received an email directly from Caixa Postal and ANVISA for our Brazilian patients,
who normally in a great hurry to receive the medicines. The problem have been custom clearance time.

They suggest us this time if we facilitate your TAX ID (CPF 11 digit tax identification code)
on the postal declaration (EMS), it will be improved even more their clearance time.

In this scenario,
1. Let us know your CPF entering in the field "Order Instructions/Comments" on payment page.
2. We add your CPF number on your parcel,
3. At Custom in Brazil, it gives exemptions to the importers (our customers in Brazil ).

The CPF is that Brazilian Customs require in order to give exemptions to importers, and
already required information for Customs, so having this information in advance will be avoided further delay.

Thank you for your understanding.

Family Pharmacy Global
Natural Pharmacy Co., Ltd.