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  • GOISS Soap: 3 x 100g bars
  • GOISS Soap: 3 x 100g bars
  • GOISS Soap: 3 x 100g bars
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GOISS Soap: 3 x 100g bars

Sale Price:US$54.00

Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer Harasawa Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
JAN Code 4987340030521
Sales max number of items 20
Shipping Schedule 5 to 7 working days after payment


A soap designed especially for the lower abdominal area of men, containing the same ingredients as the break-out product, men's GOSS vitality cream● Contains ingredients for feeling good!Contains large quantities of wormwood, orange and seaweed extract! You blood circulation is improved and the more you wash with it, the better you feel!● Use Goiss to attract the opposite sex!Goiss soap contains pheromones! Controls worrying abdominal odours, as you magically turn into a magnet for the opposite sex.● Goiss's famous ingredientsContains the ingredient glucosyl hesperidin (extracted from the skin of tangerines) that improves blood circulation. Also contains persimmon tannin to combat those unpleasant odours.





How to use

Create a foam with hot water and wash the entire lower abdomen with a stroking action. Rinse thoroughly with hot water after cleansing.