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  • Collage D Bath Essence: 500ml
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Collage D Bath Essence: 500ml

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A medicated milky-type bath essence. Just add it to your bathwater and then soak, restoring moisture and smoothness to skin that tends towards dryness. The oil ingredients that are similar to the sebum in your skin gently wraps around and protects the skin. Suitable for all members of the family, young and old alike.Guide to the Collage D Series● A baby's skin changes significantly in the first year of lifeBabies are born with skin that has an active metabolism and a high oil and high water content, but that changes one month after birth at which time the amount of sebum in the skin reduces dramatically. Sebum is at its lowest levels between 5-6 months of age and puberty. Most babies are susceptible to dehydration of the skin. It's important to start to moisturising your baby's skin if its condition requires it as early as For whole-body moisturising of an active, sometimes squirming baby, a bath essence is recommended. Just place your baby to soak in the bathwater and the moisturising ingredients go to work, even in those places that are difficult to spread creams on. An easy way to take care of moisturising needs. Mothers who have just given birth, as their skin tends towards dryness at this time, can moisturise together with their babies.




Active Ingredients

Primary Material

Water, glycerin, sodium oleate, sodium laurate, lauric acid diethanolamide, cocoamphoacetate Na, sodium laureth sulfate, lauramidopropyl betaine, oleic acid TEA, oleic acid, lauric acid TEA, sodium citrate, lauric acid, HEDTA-3 Na, methylparaben, propylparaben


Dry skin, eczema, chapped skin, neuralgia, fatigue, stiff shoulders, poor circulation, chapped skin, frostbite, heat rash