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  • Collage Milky Lotion Gold S: 100ml
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Collage Milky Lotion Gold S: 100ml

Sale Price:US$55.00

Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer AMO INC. Japan
JAN Code 4987767624853
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A hypoallergenic milky lotion that gives the skin a supple finish. Controls the balance of oil and moisture in skin with advanced dryness and provides it with moisture. Contains twice the amount of the amino acid-type moisture-retaining ingredient trimethyl glycine than Collage Milky Lotion S, whick becomes a moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss, keeping your skin firm.Recommended for people who have been dissatisfied with the moisture retention of the products they have used previously.◆ Has twice the amino acid-type moisture-retaining ingredient trimethyl glycine as Collage Milky Lotion S.Recommended for use in the following situations:● Sensitive skin, dry skin, older skin● For basic morning and evening skincare routineMedicinal / hypoallergenic/ fragrance-free/colour-freePatch-tested(does not exclude the possibility of the product causing an irritation in some people)




Active Ingredients

Primary Material

Trimethylglycine (amino acid-type moisturising ingredient), sodium hyaluronate (2) glycyrrhizinate dipotassium (moisturising ingredient)


Prevents dehydration of dry, rough skin or skin that has a tendency to be dry and rough; provides moisture to the skin; protects the skin; maintains the skin in healthy condition


After using face or beauty lotion, place an appropriate amount (two pumps on the dispenser) in the palm of the hand and apply over the entire face. *When using for the first time, press the head of the dispenser to release its content.