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  • Bifu Night Patches: 32 patches
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Bifu Night Patches: 32 patches

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Warehouse Japan1
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Brand Kobayashi Pharmaceutical
JAN Code 4987072006375
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(1) Its sheet-type design means the ingredients penetrate thoroughly.(2) Its anti-bacterial ingredients keep the skin hygienic.(3) Its anti-inflammatory effect prevents any inflammation. (4) Does not soil clothing or bedding.(5) Easy to use. Just apply to problem areas.


32 sheets


Active Ingredients

Primary Material

Ingredients: phenol, sulphur, fraganceBase: bentonite, glycerin, kaolin


Prevents acne. Dry rough skin, oily skin. Hotness caused by sunburn, snow burn. Smoothes the skin. Cleanses the skin.


Thoroughly wipe away any excess moisture on the face or body after washing or bathing, peel the sheet off the film backing and apply to any areas where acne is a concern. (1) Simply apply at night before bedtime.(2) Sleep with the patch applied.(3) The ingredients in the patch permeate thoroughly throughout the night.(4) Simply peel off in the morning.※ Any leftover sheets should be placed in the bag, the top of the bag folded over and the bag stored.