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Transino II : 240 tablets

Sale Price:US$63.00

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Warehouse Japan1
Manufacturer Daito
JAN Code 4987107614575
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One of the best brand of whitening tablets in Japan.
Transino is the best to remove skin blemishes and melasma.

Dark blurry spots around cheekbones...
It might be Chloasma.
-Chloasma is dark blurry spots which symmetrically spread around on top of cheekbones and under eyelids.
-Female hormonal imbalance, Stress and exposure to the sun's UV rays
-Chloasma often appears around the age of 30 to 40 years old. Chloasma reduces around the age of 60 years and older
-Mainly treated with oral medicine. Tranexamic acid is effective.


240 tablets


white tablets

Active Ingredients

Tranexamic acid - 750mg
L-Cysteine - 240mg
Vitamin C - 300mg
Added Vitamin B6 and Calcium pantothenic acid

Primary Material

talc, synthetic phlogopite, nylon-6, diisostearyl malate, squalane, silica, dimethicone, aluminium hydroxide, phenyltrimethicone, lauroyllysine, methicone, barium sulfate, tocopherol,aluminium dimyristate, zinc oxide, (dimethicone / methicone) copolymers, phenoxyethanol, (+/-) mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide


Spots (limited to melasma)


4 tablets a day (2 tablets/meal)


(If you fail to follow these precautions, your present symptoms may worsen, or side effects may occur more
1. This product should not be used by the following persons:
Persons who are getting dialysis therapy (Convulsion may occur.)
2. Do not use the following medicines while taking this product.
Oral medicines containing tranexamic acid

Things to consult
1. The following persons should consult a doctor or pharmacist before use:
(1) Persons who are receiving medical treatment from a doctor or dentist.
(2) Women who are pregnant or considered to be pregnant.
(3) Women who are breastfeeding.
(4) Persons aged 55 years or over.
(5) Persons who have had allergic symptoms with medicines or such.
(6) Persons who have thrombosis (such as cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis and
pulmonary embolism).
(7) Persons who may develop thrombosis (persons who have had thrombosis, persons whose family
developed thrombosis, persons whose doctor suggested they have congenital coagulation disorder, and
persons who are taking medicines such as an oral contraceptive or hormone replacement therapy which
may cause thrombosis).
(8) Persons who have been diagnosed as the following condition:
Kidney disease

● Do not use for more than 2 months in succession. However, consecutive use for about one month is
needed before you notice the effect of this product.
● If spots reappear after discontinuation of use, further administration is available after an interval of at
least 2 months. Also, after re-starting use, do not continue to take this product for more than 2 months


Side effect rate was 5.2% in total (6 incidents out of 115)
8 incidents: including 5 gastrointestinal disorder, 1 chest pain, 2 abnormal clinical test data.